JM Development

The Jm Group of companies, over the years has developed a commanding presence in international commodity trade and retail of luggage.Under the trading name of JM Commodities Ltd, established in the year 1962 , the Group was one of the earliest participants in the yarn trading market in India as well as in a number of commodities such as steel, scrap metal ,high - density plastics and speciality yarn.The group through sheer goodwill had acquired the distribution rights of various commodity giants based in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The Group has 30 + years experience in the luggage industry, which started by the acquisition of Aristocrat Travel Bags (Universal Luggage & Manufacturing Limited) in 1988. The group successfully pioneered the retail of Aristocrat Travel Bags and made it a common household brand.The said company was then merged with VIP Industries Limited in 2007. Under the directorship of Mr.Sanjay Jatia, JM Development has laid the foundation of diversifying into the real -estate sector , by developing Serenity Heights, a residential building in Andheri (E).